I Need A Gold Pair Of Kobe Bryant Shoes

Really? In three whole years of the run of the Kobe Bryant signature sneaker line I can’t purchase a metallic gold colorway? Sure, there is candy apple green, bright orange, several different shades of yellow, purple, grey, and the basic red, blue, green, black and white colorways to choose from. Heck, even a mauve pair has been dropped. Did I miss any? Probably. But one thing I am absolutely sure of is this, there has been zero, not one, pair of metallic gold Kobe Bryant shoes dropped in the last three years. I am fully aware of the fact that metallic gold was used on the Kobe V “Big Stage” home and away editions. That doesn’t count. And, besides, those stunning kicks were virtually impossible to score due to the limited availability. Why won’t Nike make a basketball shoe using a solid metallic gold colored upper?

No, I can’t even use Nike iD to satisfy my craving for gold. Red, blue, black, grey, white, green, yellow, orange, and even some color they call “volt” can be used as an upper on the Kobe VI. But no metallic gold? How sweet would the snakeskin textured upper on the Kobe VI look all dressed up in metallic gold? This is the best sneaker for basketball and I can’t rock it in the color I want. Maybe I am just succumbing to human nature. That is, we all want what we can’t have. Perhaps if a Kobe shoe did exist in metallic gold I would just dismiss it and wish that I could get it in some other color. Like electric teal. No, no way, that definitely is a colorway I would not have a craving for.

Ok, I am done venting. I really don’t mean to be negative. The Kobe IV’s,V’s, and VI’s have dropped in some of the dopest colorways ever seen in the sneaker world. And I don’t own all of them. So, the best thing a true sneakerhead should do is count his or her blessings and appreciate the truly unique designs and colorways that Nike has dropped on us. The “Dark Knight” and “Chaos” are truly masterpieces. The “Bruce Lee” is unparalleled in colorway and theme. The four Kobe VI’s that made up the All-Star pack at last year’s festivities are works of art. I could go on and on. I am a huge fan of the colorways of the Kobe Bryant shoes.

I just want gold. If and when Kobe wins his 6th NBA championship, maybe Nike will make my dreams come true and drop a metallic gold Kobe colorway. I just hope I have plane fare and someone in Los Angeles to put me up for a few nights. Because if that happens, it’s gonna be a limited release. That’s alright, I am preparing for that right now. I just hope it happens.

Kobe’s Nike Shoes For Basketball

Kobe Bryant’s signature sneaker line has produced some pretty impressive basketball shoes. It all started with the Kobe IV. That was the shoe that made the low-cut shoe the most popular shoe among the basketball community. Not only was this shoe built with the highest performance standards in the industry, it was released in the most creative colorways a basketball shoe has ever seen. Since that initial Kobe shoe was released, the two editions that followed raised the bar for high performance and color design. The last three years of Kobe shoe drops have allowed sneakerheads to cop some of the most unimaginable sneakers created. Well, folks, it is only going to get better. Or, should I say, better and better and better. That’s because the Kobe VII will release in three different models. That means three times as many colorways as the previous three years have seen! Excited yet?

The three different editions of this shoe will be labeled “base”, “supreme”, and “elite”. The price points will be $140,$180, and $200. The base model will include a removable ankle sleeve. This ankle sleeve is attached to the inner sole and also serves as the tongue of the shoe. This unique support system has been labeled “Play Fast.” The supreme model uses an upper that provides a shell for a removable midsole and bootie. This removable piece will see the bootie extend above the ankle and has been labeled “Play Strong.”

Details on what kind of removable support system that will be used on the elite edition have not been disclosed yet. After seeing the innovative technology that the base and supreme editions will be using,I am guessing some sort of jet powered engineering technology may be used. A miniature jet pack perhaps?

The best low-cut basketball shoe will now see three different new and innovative technologies applied to it’s construction. The Kobe signature shoe continues to push the envelope in performance design. As it has been the case from the beginning and continued this year, Kobe is and has been an integral part of the design process. There is no other basketball player who invests as much time and effort into the making of his signature shoe. As a result, the new generation of the low-cut basketball shoe can be traced back to the influence that Kobe Bryant had on the making of his first Nike Zoom signature shoe.

The Kobe VII will continues the evolution of the low-cut basketball shoe. His original Nike shoe for basketball started the process. This shoe will continue that process.

A Volt Pair of Nike Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

The Nike Zoom Hyperdunk is a very humble shoe. It has to be. Each and every year this shoe is overshadowed by the high profile Nike signature sneakers that are dropped in the names of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. These signature sneaker lines seem to get all the publicity. This, in spite of the fact that those shoes are built at or above the same innovative and high performance standards that the Hyperdunk 2011 is. The new LeBron 9 and Kobe VII shoes will definitely get the most attention in the crowded basketball shoe marketplace. Well, that same marketplace has seen the Hyperdunk drop as often as the Kobe signature shoe. In other words, Nike has created a extremely high performance shoe in contructing the Hyperdunk and continues to improve the quality of the shoe. Just like they do with the LeBron and Kobe signature sneakers.

Like those shoes, the Nike Hyperdunk 2011 is a shoe that was and is designed for a baller who wants exceptional responsiveness on a basketball court. The Nike Flywire that is used on the shoe molds to the foot and creates the ultimate in comfort and support. Nike Phylon is used in the midsole for maximum impact protection. A solid rubber outsole provides for the best traction available in a basketball shoe. Getting the picture yet? These innovate design elements which are also used in Nike’s flagship LeBron and Kobe shoes, allow the Hyperdunk to offer an extremely lightweight ride for the avid baller.

Nike has released this shoe in a seemingly endless amount of colorways. One of the many different releases of the Hyperdunk 2011 that is available, is in a color Nike has dubbed “Volt”. This color is very similar to an electric lime. This particular colorway of the shoe uses Volt on it’s upper, tongue, laces, and a portion of the midsole. White is used on the ankle collar and solid rubber outsole. Metallic Silver takes care of the Swoosh. This shoe definitely stands out in the basketball crowd. Literally and figuratively. This is a shoe that commands attention due to it’s color. This one will not go unnoticed on the court. It also commands attention due to the it’s high performance standards.

Originally introduced in 2008, the Hyperdunk has become more and more popular each and every year it is released. This year has already seen 30 colorways of the Hyperdunk 2011 drop. This shoe is an epic shoe. However, not all of them are as epic as the new Volt colorway. This is definitely a pair of the best shoes that Nike has made available for basketball. And that includes any pair of the new LeBron and Kobe shoes.

Imperial Purple Kobe Bryant Shoes

Does anybody know what Kobe Bryant has been doing lately? Kobe has not been heard from since his Lakers earlier than expected exit from last year’s NBA playoffs. Is he hanging out somewhere in Europe getting ready to sign with a foreign basketball club? That is probably a distinct possibility considering an NBA regular season is not going to happen this year. But perhaps a more important question to ask at this point is, where is the newest colorway of the Kobe VI? It has been at least 3 weeks since a new colorway of the shoe has been spotted. I am really starting to get concerned. I really shouldn’t be though because a Kobe VI colorway that was spotted a few weeks ago has finally dropped. And it is a keeper.

The new Kobe VI has dropped in a beautiful Imperial Purple colorway and is available as a general release. Nice! Nike has been saving some of the best colorways of this shoe for last. This shoe is a gem. Dropping in a classic Laker colorway, the shoe is done primarily in a beautiful Imperial Purple. The upper, midsole, and outsole are done in this new Nike color. One of Nike’s versions of yellow, Del Sol, is featured on the Swoosh and speckled laces. It is a real shame that it looks there will be no NBA season. This shoe would have been perfect on the feet of Kobe or any other Laker. Season or not, this sneaker is available now for sneakerheads and Laker fans alike. Our season doesn’t ever end and can’t be locked out.

This new Kobe colorway won’t be the last. That is good news because the snakeskin textured upper of the Kobe VI definitely deserves to be dropped in as many different colors as possible. This scaly Flywire upper always seems to impress regardless of what color scheme is used. In fact, it looks like another Laker-inspired colorway that primarily uses white will be dropped in the very near future. In addition, a possible “Dark Knight” version could be on it’s way.

With a Kobe VII nowhere in sight, this new Imperial Purple colorway of the VI is very timely in its release. We have certainly been spoiled in recent months as a result of a Kobe shoe drop seemingly happening every week. Until the VII is spotted and subsequently released, there will be a few more of Kobe’s current Nike signature sneakers dropped. This Imperial Purple colorway may be one of the last of the VI’s. But, fear not, Kobe Bryant shoes for basketball will always be headline news. I am still wondering when Kobe will be headline news again.