The Camouflage Kobe Bryant Shoes

This is getting ridiculous! How many different ways can Nike dress up the Kobe VI? The original Kobe VI was dressed in a black snakeskin textured upper with a yellow Swoosh. Wasn’t that enough to shake up the sneaker world for you Nike? Apparently not. Shortly thereafter, the Kobe VI “Grinch” was released in a neck-reaking candy apple green scale-like upper with yellow accents and red laces. What? Ok, it was official at that point. Nike declared it was on. Chaos ensued. 3D went from the big screen to a basketball shoe. Nike had created total madness in the world of sneakerheads. What could possibly happen next?

Camouflage. What? That’s right, camouflage. Nike was not done shaking up the sneaker world. The first camouflage Kobe VI to hit the shelves featured a two color camouflaged upper. The snakeskin textured upper combined blue and black and featured a white Swoosh. The midsole used black and the outsole used both blue and grey. The heel cup was done in neon green. Alright I can accept the creative idea behind this shoe. One camouflage colorway should be enough for Nike to show the sneaker world that Nike shoes for basketball were the most progressive shoes on the face of the planet. Right? Wrong.

Since the original camouflage colorway was released, two more “camo” colorways have seen a release. The second colorway used a black, khaki,and olive reptilian-like upper and crimson colored Swoosh. A black midsole and olive outsole finished up the shoe. Released last June, this shoe served as a dual purpose. Whether you were going to hunt quail or hit the hardcourt, you were going to do it in a high performance Nike basketball shoe. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could use the same shoe to do engage in those two activities.

The third and final “camo” colorway, so far that is, uses a grey based snakeskin texture camouflage upper with a blue Swoosh. Blue is also used as accents on the tongue border and inner lining. Black and white are used on the midsole and outsole. To finish the shoe off, the Kobo logo is featured in red. This colorway is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the trio. You can find all three pairs at Eastbay.

Kobe Bryant shoes that Nike has created, and continues to create are raising the bar of creativity in which basketball shoes are being produced. In fact, the creativity in which all athletic shoes are being produced. If you are or aren’t a fan of the Kobe VI “Camo”, you’ve still got to admire the creative boundaries that are being pushed by Nike. Personally, I can’t wait for the next release has in store for us.

Put Your Signature On A Pair Of Kobe Bryant Shoes

So you’ve decided it is time for a new pair of shoes for basketball. But man, there are so many basketball shoes to choose from. And so many different manufacturers. You know, just maybe this time I am going to go all out and buy a special pair of kicks. A pair that is a one of a kind. Professional players have their own signature sneakers, why can’t I? Well, if you decide that you want a signature sneaker that is truly yours and it has to be one of a kind, a pair of Nike shoes for basketball is just the ticket. And there is a really cool way to punch that ticket.

Among the many different shoes you can personalize at NikeID is the Kobe VI basketball shoe. Nike will allow you to choose textures, colors, and other elements from the sole of your shoes to the laces of your shoes. Pretty cool huh? The Kobe VI is available for you to build from the ground up.

Outsole – To start, you have the ability to pick what surface you play and match the optimum outsole with it. Court or asphalt, you make the call. In addition, you have the choice of a solid or translucent color choice to make.

Midsole – Here you get to choose a primary color and an accent color. You have 6 primary and 8 accent colors to choose from. The midsole color is important because it is a major accent of the shoe.

Upper – Now things are going to get really interesting. Not only do you get to pick a color here, you also can pick a separate color pattern. Fade and Camo or options you have to create your masterpiece. The Fade blends two different colors on the snakeskin upper while the Camo allows you to choose a camouflage design that is made up of two to three different colors.

Heel – The heel cup and accent are both elements of the Kobe VI that you can determine the color on here. A short id with a maximum of 2 characters is also available here on the heel tab. You can go crazy with this! Put your high school jersey number here and play like you did back in the day!

Inner Lining – This is another opportunity to make this shoe a one of a kind. Not only do can you choose the lining color, you can add an additional id in the form of a long id. You are allowed a maximum of 8 characters that are placed on the inside of the shoe’s tongue. Again, go crazy! If they called you “Big Sexy” in high school that’s what needs to be on the inside of your shoe.

Laces – Finish off your one of a kind shoe by picking the color of your laces and get out on the court….to break some necks. When the ballers take a look at you in your new, never seen before Kobe VI’s, you are going to have some explaining to do.

But take it easy on your first shoe, one pair of NikeID shoes for basketball may not be enough to capture all of the creative energy contained in your big sexy body.

Zoom Kobe 6 Del Sol

If you’re looking for basketball shoes that go beyond comfort, then Kobe 6 Del Sol can be the best fit for your active feet. These shoes are the latest addition of Nike in its long list of Kobe brand. Just like the other Kobe shoes, this definitely adds a lot of style to comfort.

This is definitely a catchy pair of basketball shoes. Predominantly black, it exudes a classic appeal that doesn’t make these shoes feel like it’s stylistically overdone. Its simplistic feel makes it catchy from afar. Aside from the yellow Nike logo that perfectly complements the black composition of the shoes, the metallic white Kobe logo on its flap adds up to its powerful branding. The collaboration of Nike and Kobe brands on these shoes makes it stand out in the large market of basketball sneakers.

However, what really separates these sneakers apart from other shoes in the market is its Black Mamba touch. The texture of the shoes is patterned after the scales of a Black Mamba, which Kobe Bryant is closely associated with. This unique texture of the shoes is highlighted when you look closely at the shoes itself. You will just be amazed at the detailed texture of the sneakers that adds up to the powerful design of it. You don’t need to worry about having the feel of wearing snake-designed shoes, for the texture doesn’t run all over the shoes. The back part of the shoes has this glossy, rubberized finish that carries the signature of Kobe Bryant.

Other than the design, these shoes definitely carries the Kobe brand for ultra lightweight, perfect for running and high jumping. Furthermore, with these shoes, playing basketball and running on the hard court will never be this stylish. Definitely, Kobe 6 Del Sol is great choice.

The Most Unique Pair Of Kobe Bryant Shoes

So what makes a pair of shoes unique? Well, if you are talking about shoes for basketball, a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes in any model or colorway can certainly be considered unique. Unique in that a majority of Kobe’s shoes are without equal. They are distinctively different. But even among the most unique shoes in the Kobe signature sneaker line there is one pair that is much more unique than it’s counterparts.

The most unique pair of Kobe shoes produced is actually two pairs. Released at selected European retailers as the “FC Barcelona Pack”, these two pairs of Kobe VI’s are definitely without equal in appearance, quality, and performance. Representing Kobe’s favorite European football club, these sneakers sport two different colorways that were inspired by the two different uniforms that the Barcelona Football Club sports.

Both pairs have a striped inner liner that represents the soccer jerseys of the Barcelona club. This is what truly makes these shoes unique as this has never been seen on a Kobe VI or, for that matter, any pair of Nike basketball shoes. One pair is a bright mango while the second combines dark blue with yellow and red accents on the upper and heel cup. Top both shoes off with the FC Barcelona crest and you have the most unique pairs of shoes Nike has made for Kobe.

The inspiration for these unique shoes came from Kobe’s well know passion for the game of soccer. In fact, Kobe was spotted more than once at last year’s World Cup. As has been the case with the Nike Kobe signature shoe line from the beginning, the creativity and uniqueness of these special editions is unparalleled. Not only are these the most unique Kobe shoes, they may be the most difficult pair to find due to the extremely limited release amount and the fact that they were only released on foreign soil.

If you were one of the lucky sneakerheads to get your hands on a pair of either one of these shoes, I truly envy you. This may be the holy grail of the Kobe VI line. If you weren’t and would love to own a pair, eBay awaits you. But be prepared to spend some serious cash, these kicks will run you. The scarcity alone makes these one of the most expensive Kobe sneakers ever made.

Not only are the FC Barcelona Kobe VI’s the most unique sneakers in his entire shoe line, they are some of the best basketball shoes ever made. But stay tuned, if the boys at Nike have anything to do about it, there are going to be more of “the best basketball shoes ever made” in our future.