Kobe 5 TB Shoes

The age of high-cut, bulky basketball shoes is already coming to its end with the release a new line of Kobe shoes produced by Nike. This time, Nike has brought out the Kobe 5 TB in its arsenal of high performing basketball shoes.

Before you scrutinize how these shoes really perform on the hard court, your eyes will first be drawn to how this piece of footwear works. The design is a reminiscent of a classic sneaker with simple combination of basic colors that are not hard on one’s eyes. The TB or Team Bank shoes are somehow similar to other Kobe V shoes in terms of its design foundation. What separates the TB shoes to the other Kobe 5 shoes is its simple fusion of solid red or blue, white, and gray. Yes, these shoes come in two color variations that can remind you of how classic basketball shoes look in the past.

In terms of its performance, no one can contest the fact that this is a Nike creation, and more importantly, a Kobe brand. With its low cut, it is definitely perfect for sprinting with its ultra light weight. Running from one end of the court to the other would be stress-free when you wear these shoes. If it’s perfect for running, then it’s also highly ideal for jumping when you’re eyeing to do that Kobe dunk. This is due to the engineering of these basketball shoes made with Flywire that makes these shoes so light that you can’t feel any weight as you play on the hard court. The design is also durable especially made for tough hard court action.

If you’re after a pair of basketball shoes that enables you to play on the hard court like a pro, then Kobe 5 TB is what you should try.