The Coolest Kobe Bryant Shoes

Superheroes are so cool. They can fly. That’s pretty cool. They can shoot sticky web-like substances from their hands. They have steel fingers that spring out from the hands with the flick of a wrist. Supercool! But these days superheros are even cooler. No way! How is that possible? Not only do they have superpowers, the new age superheroes have tons of money and drive awesome cars. Heck, they even use state of the art jetpacks. I mean, come on! How cool is Iron Man? And this Batman guy, he is the coolest cat, I mean bat, of them all. Have you seen his car?

It is no wonder then, that Bruce Wayne has been immortalized by a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes. For the last 3 years Nike has dropped a colorway of the Kobe signature sneaker line that is appropriately titled the “Dark Knight”. Released along side a pair of his archnemisis, the Joker (who, by the way is also very cool), the Dark Knight has been blessed with his very own Kobe shoe since 2008. 1 additional model and colorway has already released with another on it’s way. The Kobe IV, V, VI all use black, silver, and neptune blue to create the coolest colorway ever seen on a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes. The king of Gotham City deserves nothing less.

In 2008, the Kobe IV “Dark Knight” was released to rave reviews. The comfort, stability and most importantly, the colorway, were one of the coolest pair of kicks to ever hit the market. Due to the success of the Kobe IV “Dark Knight”, Nike released the Kobe V “Dark Knight” the following year. Perhaps the best looking shoe of the series, it features a black upper, silver accents, and a clear translucent outsole. Nothing is cooler on a pair of basketball kicks than a translucent outsole. Cold-blooded! The accents of grey on the heel tab and Swoosh along with the dark, speckled two-toned laces are perfect in representing, the Dark Knight. The laces are what truly makes this shoe cool. Black laces speckled with Neptune blue may seem like a small detail. Wrong! Small details as true sneakerheads know are what makes a shoe special.

A new colorway of the Kobe VI is on its way and is strikingly similar to the Dark Knight’s of the past. Although it has not been officially tagged as this years Dark Knight, the resemblance to the last two year’s editions is uncanny. The upper is a snakeskin textured black tone accompanied by a Neptune blue Swoosh and featuring silver accents on the heel cup. Sound familiar?

Bruce Wayne, what a cool dude. Money, cars, and all kinds of cool body gear. It only makes sense then, that the Kobe Dark Knight editions would be some of the coolest Nike shoes for basketball. Not as cool as the Batman, but pretty damn cool.

Black Kobe Bryant Shoes For Basketball

This is an exciting time to be a sneaker fanatic. Every fall season for the last four years has brought sneakerheads images of a new Kobe Bryant signature sneaker. This year is no different. Actually, this year is much different. That’s because we will all be blessed with images of three different versions of the new Kobe shoe. Sweet! That’s right, the new Kobe VII will drop this year in three different versions. It will release in the “base” model, a “supreme” edition, and finally an “elite” version. How cool is that?

The base model of the Kobe VII, like the supreme and elite, will again be a low-cut basketball shoe engineered for high performance. It was also created to be the most comfortable and lightweight basketball shoe on the market. A unique snakeskin designed upper again will make up this shoe. However, the most unique feature of this new shoe is a removable insole/ankle sleeve. The insole is actually attached to the ankle sleeve that includes the top portion of the tongue complete with the Kobe logo. This base model uses this unique feature to enhance a “Play Fast” cushioning support system. The midsole includes a Zoom Air window at the heel. The outsole utilizes an XDR traction system. And this is just the base model!

The images of the first colorway that have been released show a predominately Black upper that features a White Swoosh. The laces are Black with Grey speckled accents. Grey is used on the midsole, inner lining and accents on the heel cage counter. The solid rubber outsole is done in White. The design on the shoe’s upper is done in a snakeskin appearance but does not resemble the three-dimensional reptile design used on the Kobe VI. Traditionally the first shoe in a Kobe signature line has been dropped in a basic, solid colorway. Apparently, the first shoe in the signature shoe line to drop will be no different.

The “base” Kobe VII will release in January 2012 and carry a $140 price tag. If the past three years are any indication, sneaker enthusiasts can count on a wide variety of colorways and themed designs being used on this shoe. Whether it is the base, supreme, or elite model in which Nike creates their colorway “masterpiece”; you can bet there are going to be plenty of delicious editions to sink your teeth into.

The Kobe VII will be the first pair of Nike shoes for basketball to ever release in three different versions. All this means is more opportunities to cop a pair of the best low-cut basketball shoe on the market. Three times as many opportunities. I can’t wait!

Nike Zoom Kobe V Dark Knight

Hit the Hardcourt in Style with Nike Zoom Kobe V Dark Knight

Here’s something for individuals with a penchant for quality gear spawned by blockbuster flicks, such as those featuring Gotham City’s caped crusader. The coolest shoes had just been unraveled and it’s called the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Dark Knight. It comes in attractive colors inspired by the Batman movie – gleaming black and luminous metallic blue for the uppers, and dark gray on the heel. The neat-looking uppers of the shoes carry Nike’s trademark, the Swoosh outlined in white.

Dark Night fanatics will note that even the gray outsoles depict the red Batman logo seen on the film’s posters. Extra details that add to a unique look include spots on the shoelaces. These are things Kobe Bryant sneaker lovers have become accustomed to.

While the colorway of the Zoom Kobe 5 Dark Knight may not catch the fancy of the most finicky sneaker wearers, it’s a hot item and will let young & old basketball players sizzle on and off the hardcourt.

Collectors of unique & eye-catching shoes & related gear will not likely pass up the opportunity to own the Dark Knight version of Nike Zoom Kobe V. Besides the true blue Dark Knight & Kobe shoe trend followers, even ordinary young people who just want great-looking footwear will consider the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 a cool find.

The durable and light footwear option not only ups the style quotient but also offers many functional features. These include a great cushioning and sculpted heel counter that will prevent the wearer’s feet from sliding while engaging in their favorite sports activities, heat bonded overlays, and enough reinforcement and traction.

Indeed, the quality footwear all wrapped up in a novel concept (it’s not always that you’d see a translucent sole) can be well worth the purchase for individuals who want to look stylish while shooting hoops or hanging out with friends.

Zoom Kobe 4 Phily Edition

KB24 and His Roots with the Kobe 4 Phily Edition

Kobe Bryant maybe the King of Los Angeles today, but he is and forever will be the pride of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is where Kobe was born. He grew up there before he travelled the world with his family, after which he came back to the States to become one the greatest NBA players of all time. One of the ways he pays his respects to his hometown is through the release of the Zoom Kobe 4 Phil Edition. This shoe screams Philadelphia through and through and when Kobe wears it, it shows his pride for the city he was born in.

The Zoom Kobe 4 Phily Edition is one of the most sought after and limited edition Kobe 4 shoes. This is on account of their beautiful aesthetics, not to mention their high level of shoe engineering. The design looks, in every inch, like something that would be inspired by Philadelphia. Its color scheme is predominantly blue with checkered red-and-white shoe laces. The ankle collar is emblazoned with shadow-blue stars, while the sock liner reads “8-23-78,” the Black Mamba’s birthday. The shoe looks very patriotic and is a great way for Nike and Kobe Bryant to pay homage to the great city of Philadelphia.

The Zoom Kobe 4 Phily Edition remains to have the technological edge found in all Kobe 4 shoes. It has Flywire technology, Lunar Foam, and the same lightweight feel when you wear them. As with all Kobe shoes in general, the Phily Editions wears Kobe’s signature at the back of the heel and the Kobe crest at the tongue of the shoes. Nike didn’t fail at all to get KB24 back in touch with his roots.