The Best Looking Kobe Bryant Shoes

The best looking Kobe basketball shoes are…

Is there really one definitively correct answer if that phrase is used as a question? No, not really, considering the unbelievable amount of models and colorways that have been dropped on us in the last 3 years alone by Nike. The Kobe IV, V, and VI signature sneaker line have certainly spoiled the avid sneakerhead. To quote Ben Stiller in Zoolander, these epic signature sneaker lines can’t help it they have produced some “really, really good looking” basketball shoes for men. Several of the sneakers that have been released from these lines are very good looking indeed Ben.

1. Kobe VI “Chaos” – Can anybody really argue with this being the best looking Kobe Bryant shoe? Well, I guess they could. But they would be wrong. Of course, I joke, but this shoe truly is a sight to behold. The third edition of the colorway known to Kobe shoe fanatics and sneakerheads as “Chaos”, is named after the infamous Joker of the famed Batman movies The shoe features an eggplant-like polyurethane upper, a white heel counter and vibrant neon yellow Swoosh. The same neon yellow color referred to as “volt” by Nike is used on the shoe’s outsole. But an infrared red color used on the inner liner is really what makes this pop. This shoe truly is a work of art.

2. Kobe V “Bruce Lee” – This epic signature sneaker has to hold a spot in the top 3 all-time best looking Kobe shoes. Says who? Says me. This shoe was created out of the love Kobe has for martial arts and specifically the legend that is Bruce Lee. The upper and base of the shoe is primarily yellow and black which represents the bodysuit worn by Lee in the movie “Game of Death”. In addition, there are even red scratch marks on the black midsole accents that match those of Lee’s chest in “Enter the Dragon”. This shoe, like the Kobe VI “Chaos” was released in such small quantities that getting your hands on a pair of them elevated their status even further.

3. Kobe VI “Orange County” – This release of the VI line was dropped in limited quantities during the 2011NBA All-Star game festivities. The color contrasting in shades moving from light to dark orange on the upper are truly amazing. And meant to duplicate a sunset over the pacific ocean. Man am I a sucker for orange! A blue-grey color called cannon by Nike is used on the external heel counter and outsole. A blue-grey hue known as cannon accents the shoe on Swoosh, external heel counter, and outsole. Black fills in the heel and midsole. This shoe is truly an All-Star in its own right.

As we all know, as true sneakerheads it is impossible to agree on what pair of shoes is truly the best looking Kobe Bryant shoe. What is very possible to agree on, is that if you are wearing any pair of Kobe basketball shoes, you are wearing one of the best basketball shoes ever made.