Zoom Kobe 4 All Star Edition – The West All Star Team

Kobe 4 Goes Red for the West All Star Team

Three things make you a great basketball player: An MVP Award; an NBA Championship; and a first-string All Star slot. Kobe Bryant has all of these and even more. That is because he has a shoe that is not only inspired by his game, but was also released just for his All Star campaign for 2009. The Nike Zoom Kobe 4 All Star Edition was released to promote Kobe Bryant’s 2009 All Star campaign for the West All Star Team as starting point guard. Bryant himself wore these shoes on the game itself.

The Zoom Kobe IV All Star Edition boasts of the same high-tech and innovative Kobe 4 features, but with an All Star twist. The shoes were aesthetically designed to complement the West All Star Team’s jersey. Red is a very unusual color for a Kobe shoe. The color is usually associated with Bryant’s rival, LeBron James. But since the overall color scheme of the West All Star Team was white and red in 2009, Nike took advantage of the rare situation. They made a Kobe 4 shoe that was predominantly red, with hints of white. It perfectly complimented Kobe’s West uniform. It sold like hotcakes after the Black Mamba used them for the East versus West game in the 2009 NBA All Star Week.

The Zoom Kobe 4 All Star Edition is a real limited edition piece because of its unique color scheme, and great engineering. Along with the glossy red exterior design, it also boasts of Kobe IV’s signature Flywire and Lunar Foam technologies. This is shoe is a must-have for any footwear collector, regardless if they’re Kobe fans or not. This is a definite classic.